Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah

Book Club Discussion Questions

  1. Hannah writes that “the modern world no longer believed in senseless tragedy.”  Why do you think that we play the blame game in our society?
  2. Should Julia have been able to see Amber’s crimes?  Should a psychiatrist be held accountable for their patients?
  3. Would you trust your child with Julia even after she was found guilty?
  4. Was Juila’s mom wrong to tell her 13-year-old daughter the secrets of their marriage?
  5. Small town life – (J says it’s not a real place) is both full of helpful and nosey people.  Is this setting needed for this book? Does it help or distract from the novel?
  6. Hannah includes research on feral children. In way does that appear to be like Alice, and how are they not like Alice? (p. 98-99)
  7. Julia is Alice’s teacher, but what does Alice teach Julia? 
  8. Julia’s relationship is not a normal doctor-patient one.  Do you think she was wrong to try to keep Alice from George?
  9. Sisters- Julia and El are constantly battling one another, support each other, and calling one another out.  Is this a true reflection of sisters/siblings relationship?
  10. El is a former beauty queen, a sister, an ex-wife to two husbands, and the police chief.  Do her relationship woes ring true? Is she a believable character?
  11. Julia and Max’s relationship seems fated from the beginning.  Do you think it is lasting or just what they both need at this time?
  12. The media is used throughout the novel to cover Julia’s case, Alice’s identity, George’s murder trial, and the converging of all of three.  Do you think the media affected the outcomes of the cases? Does the media go too far? Can the media be helpful? 
  13. POV- How do you think this book would have been different if told from George’s perspective?
  14. Does George give up on Alice too quickly?  Why does he give up after he has “won”?
  15. Magic Hour – as the title of this book felt forced.  Agree or disagree?
  16. Do you think that Alice will be able to grow up and live a normal life?

Questions adapted from the provided Book Guide.


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